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At the end of 2020, EPLAN founded the EPLAN Partner Network, to which 65 manufacturers already belong. A new member since April 2023 is Dassault Systèmes. The interface between the EPLAN platform and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes is thus being systematically further developed in a mutual exchange.

Sebastian Seitz, CEO Eplan and Cideon (left) and Dominic Kurtaz, Managing Director Eurocentral Dasault Systèmes (Photo Eplan GmbH & Co. KG)

The goal is seamless integration of electrical and fluid engineering in the context of product development. Dominic Kurtaz, Managing Director Eurocentral at Dassault Systèmes and Sebastian Seitz, CEO of Eplan and Cideon, signed the contract in Hanover. The partners will enable companies to design their digital development processes end-to-end.

The partnership will be further expanded in the coming months. Both companies will work closely together to optimize the interface – the PLM 3DEXPERIENCE Connector – and provide new solutions in the cloud context of digital product development.

A joint demonstration environment is also planned as part of the Engineering Collaboration Network with videos and sample data in the PLM Cloud environment, as well as joint interaction in customer projects.

In the interaction between EPLAN and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the processes in the data management of electrical and fluid engineering can be controlled automatically.

The special feature: Access to the cloud-based platform from Dassault Systèmes is available directly in EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Fluid. For example, parts lists and bills of materials can be synchronized with a single click. Classic operations such as searching for, finding and creating projects, checking in and out or exporting EPLAN project pages as a neutral format are carried out much more efficiently with the data bridge. In particular, the fast and uncomplicated document generation will save users time and money, because all that is needed to output neutral formats is a check mark during check-in. The neutral formats are then automatically linked to the associated EPLAN project.

During interaction, EPLAN and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform communicate bidirectionally with each other: Checking in projects from EPLAN in the platform is automated, as is opening the projects from the PLM system. Important descriptive PDM attributes, such as information for the drawing header, can be added company-wide in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and are automatically available during the next check-out in the EPLAN project. In addition, the software supports classic PDM functionalities such as the release or transfer of documents to manufacturing.