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20 Years

Composable Software – Renaissance of Industrial Software

Unless everything is deceptive, we are currently experiencing a veritable renaissance of industrial software. The buzzword is “composable”. Web services encapsulated in containers are now also the answer in industry to the great challenge: software development as an innovation driver and core competence. That’s what this series is all about.

20 Years

New background series: Interviews on 40+ years of CAD

For almost half a century, CAD has been an important and often driving element in industrial digitalization. What will it be in the future? And what does the acronym mean for the suppliers still active in this market? Look forward to the experts’ answers. First up are those from Siemens and PTC.


Internet of Production (IoP)

Internet of Production (IoP)

Due to an increasingly dynamic environment, companies are facing numerous challenges, such as the micro-segmentation of markets and ever shorter product life cycles. One way to address these challenges is to sustainably increase their innovative strength.

The »Smart Factory 4.0« Demonstration Cell

The »Smart Factory 4.0« Demonstration Cell

The way to Industrie 4.0 involves the trial, testing and skilful combination of novel methods, concepts and technologies. To this end Fraunhofer IPK has developed the »Smart Factory 4.0« demonstration cell which uses batch size 1 production to make the modes …

Enabling System Lifecycle Management through neutral data interfaces

Enabling System Lifecycle Management through neutral data interfaces

The complexity of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementations has already reached an unpleasantly high level, and the rise of complexity of products and their development will probably accelerate further. By establishing System Lifecycle Management (SysLM) as the next level PLM …


PLM, Digitalization, IoT, …

Composable Software – Renaissance of Industry Software

German Edge Cloud – Composable Software in Practice

German Edge Cloud – Composable Software in Practice

2021, German Edge Cloud (GEC), the merger of three start-ups, became a Friedhelm Loh Group company. From the beginning, GEC was a member of the Gaia-X and Catena-X consortia and is actively involved in important lighthouse projects of the Industrie 4.0 platform and...

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