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Open, Linux-based Smart Automation platforms. App stores for manufacturing, logistics, service and IoT.
IT and automation providers. Instead of rigid wiring and programmed connections, transparent communication between man and machine. Scalable, secure and digital.

Smart Automation – Open For Apps From Customers And Partners

Smart Automation solutions are open for additions, adaptations and additional developments. Using Smart Automation platforms gives customers the security of being able to develop their own apps. Without any fuss or complicated contracts. Useful functionalities are added to the platforms quickly and securely.

Smart Automation platforms allow customers comprehensive agility. Containerized apps are tested and implemented in a fraction of the time of conventional software. The functionality of the entire platform remains unaffected. Downtime is largely excluded.

For details on the range of functions and special features of the Smart Automation platforms, see the brief information below and the platforms overview.

Smart Automation Platforms

Bosch Rexroth: ctrlX AUTOMATION

Contact Software: Contact Elements

FLECS Technologies: FLECS

German Edge Cloud: ONCITE DPS

KEBA Industrial Automation: Kemro X

Lenze SE: Lenze NUPANO

Phoenix Contact: PLCnext Technology

SALZ Automation: SALZ Controller

Siemens: Industrial Operations X

TTTech Industrial Automation: Nerve


Weidmüller: easyConnect


The Linux-based operating system ctrlX OS of ctrlX AUTOMATION is certified in accordance with IEC 623443 and is hardware-independent.

The platform offers additional security through integrated user and rights management as well as security certification of the apps and access to the ctrlX data layer.

A rapidly growing number of apps are available in the ctrlX Store. The partner world ctrlX World is part of the ecosystem and adds hardware and apps to ctrlX AUTOMATION.

Depending on the software product, the license model provides for one-off, monthly or annual payments.

CONTACT Elements for IoT

The platform runs on Linux, Kubernetes and Windows.

In terms of security, it offers the usual mechanisms at protocol and application level and covers general industry standards such as BSI recommendations and industry-specific requirements.

In addition to its own infrastructure, Contact Software currently also relies on Microsoft Azure and AWS, but is fundamentally independent of specific providers.

CONTACT Elements for IoT is licensed as Software as a Service and on a monthly or annual basis.


ONCITE DPS is the cloud-native technology and digitalization platform from German Edge Cloud based on Linux and implemented with Red Hat OpenShift.

It is used by Rittal, Schuler and other customers to manage production and ensures data connection and transparency.

The increased security precautions of OpenShift apply to the platform.

In addition to its own infrastructure, ONCITE DPS also relies on offerings from AWS, IBM and Red Hat, but is technologically independent.

The license model is Software as a Service.


Kemro X offers its own operating system based on Linux and Kubernetes, which customers can also use for third-party hardware. The platform has a modular structure. KEBA attaches great importance to its ease of use.

A variety of development environments and programming languages are supported.

In terms of infrastructure, Kemro X supports Microsoft Azure and AWS.

In addition to software as a service, software licenses can be purchased annually and per device.


Lenze NUPANO is a Linux-based platform. For containerized apps of any origin and programming, Lenze offers deployment and software management in the NUPANO Cloud.

For security, Lenze offers encrypted communication, encrypted file storage, public key infrastructure, secure pairing (between cloud and edge device), user management and two-factor authentication.

NUPANO uses AWS as the infrastructure provider.

The platform can be licensed either as Software as a Service or annually.

PLCnext Technology

The Linux-based PLCnext Technology platform supports the development of apps with PLCnext Engineer with a free choice of programming languages, including high-level languages.

PLCnext Control has been certified in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2-SL2 and other security management methods. PLCnext Control can access Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud in addition to its own PROFICLOUD.

The functional scope of PLCnext Control can be variably adapted using software add-ins or apps from the PLCnext Store.

Industrial Operations X

The platform is based on Linux and Kubernetes and is an element of the Siemens Xcelerator enterprise software.

The Opcenter X solution, which is directly geared towards the shop floor, is also licensed separately.

Siemens offers a wide range of security processes on the various levels of the overall platform.

In addition to its own MindSphere-based cloud solution Insights Hub, Siemens supports Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM and Red Hat.

The license models include software as a service, annual license and one-off payment.


WAGO offers two Linux-based platforms. Both platforms can be used for the 750 Series portfolio.

As a system- and technology partner of Bosch Rexroth, WAGO continues to develop and use ctrlX OS.

WAGO OS is a proprietary platform that is also based on real-time capable Linux. In addition to solutions from the network of WAGO Solution Providers and IoT partners, open source solutions from the Docker Hub or in-house developments, e.g. in CODESYS, can also be used here.

Security in accordance with IEC 62443-4-2 and the European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

Licenses monthly, annually or as a one-off payment.


Weidmüller’s easyConnect platform offers its own Linux/Kubernetes-based operating system u-OS, which third parties can also use for third-party hardware.

App development is supported in various development environments and the u-create engineering portfolio.

Secure access to remote systems and machines via u-link. Security includes roles and rights concept.
easyConnect offers an independent infrastructure.

In addition to software as a service, monthly and annual licenses are available.


SALZ Controller

The SALZ Controller solution is based on a real-time Linux that is adapted to the requirements of automation technology and was developed in accordance with IEC 62443.

Data Exchange Layer Technology (D.E.L.) simplifies data access between third-party applications and makes communication highly securely configurable.

The app store, which already contains applications from various manufacturers, is powered by FLECS Technologies.

SALZ is licensed as Software as a Service, on a monthly or annual basis. In individual cases, depending on the solution, a mixture of these.


Flecs is a Linux-based solution, open for third-party app development with a wide variety of supported development tools.

It has its own open runtime environment.

For security, FLECS offers various certificates, highly secure Unix access, role-based user management and data point-centric approval processes. Security alarms can be booked for single platforms.

FLECS is cloud-agnostic and can be used with the infrastructures of all hyperscalers and hypervisors.

FLECS Technologies offers an annual license or buyout as a licensing model.


Nerve is an open, Linux-based platform with its own runtime environment and supports the use of third-party hardware. All common development environments and programming tools are supported.

For security, Nerve was developed in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 and offers additional functions such as secure remote access and role-based user management.

Nerve uses Microsoft Azure as its infrastructure.

The platform is licensed as software as a service or on a monthly basis.

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