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Siemens is opening a digital, multi-vendor, independent app store for industrial customers. According to a Siemens press release, the marketplace forms the transaction mechanism specifically for the Siemens Industrial Edge platform.

The new IT platform enables apps on the store floor to be applied in a scalable manner in the production environment. In addition to Siemens Edge Apps for discrete and machine tool industries, the platform already features offerings from Braincube, Cybus, SeioTec and Tosibox. It is intended to be the beginning of a broad range of software components from different suppliers and manufacturers that can be integrated into manufacturing in a standardized way. The offering already includes connectivity, data storage, visualization and analytics, as well as machine monitoring, energy and asset management.

The offering allows B2B customers to purchase and operate multiple software components on an all-in-one platform. The Industrial Edge marketplace touts an “intuitive and end-to-end user experience for purchasing and operating software and services,” as seen in the B2C space.

In just a few steps, the app shopping basket can be put together, the order placed, payment made and the purchased products used – regardless of the manufacturer. In addition to traditional payment methods, credit card payment is also possible. Marketplace partners do not have to deal with ordering, payment and delivery of the software in direct interaction with the customer. The offer is to be expanded and extended step by step. (Image Siemens)