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The sister companies Eplan and Rittal present Rittal ePocket, a digital circuit diagram folder, on 25.11.21. The new space in the cloud does away with the paper document folder and offers operators, planners, switchgear constructors and maintenance personnel easy access to the always up-to-date data for better collaboration.

With the development of Rittal ePocket, a new digital circuit diagram pocket, the much-used paper documentation has become obsolete, according to Rittal. If all project data, such as circuit diagrams, maintenance plans, certificates, etc. of a machine or system are available digitally, changes can be directly fed back into the project and possible downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

To make this workflow work, every Rittal control cabinet of the VX25, VX SE, AX and KX series gets a “place” in the Eplan Cloud. Via a QR code on the enclosure, the owner of the ePocket can access the machine and plant documentation, including the digital twin, and then provide other stakeholders with an insight into the current documentation.

The Cloud Moves To The Center

Service and maintenance staff, for example, can easily access the circuit diagrams directly at the plant via smartphone or tablet using the integrated Eplan eView. In the event of a repair, this ensures rapid retrieval and at the same time rapid troubleshooting.

This digital process from schematic creation to maintenance benefits companies in several ways: faults are eliminated more quickly, repeated printouts of sometimes 500 or more pages of documentation are saved, CO2 is reduced by dispensing with paper, and the risk of fire is reduced if no paper is stored inside the control cabinet.

The digital twin can therefore now accompany the real control cabinet throughout its entire life cycle. With the digital circuit diagram pocket, the machine and plant documentation is always up to date and available from any device, regardless of location, even when the plant is in operation.

“We are intensifying our offerings for ‘Operations’ because the opportunities for our customers and the industry are clear,” explains Uwe Scharf, Managing Director Business Units and Marketing at Rittal. “Tracking options and information content of data are continuously increasing. Operators, planners, switchgear manufacturers and maintenance personnel thus remain in contact with each other and in business even when the systems are in operation.” (Images Rittal)