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PTC announced that Catherine Kniker has been promoted to EVP and chief strategy officer. She replaces Kathleen Mitford, who joins Microsoft from PTC, where she is responsible for Azure marketing.

Microsoft said Kathleen brings extensive experience in cloud strategy, product development, marketing and customer needs. Most recently, Mitford was responsible for leading corporate strategy, corporate development, strategic partnerships, corporate marketing and academic programs.

Her successor, Catherine Kniker, served as chief revenue officer for PTC’s fast-growing IoT and AR business unit beginning in 2016. She later took on leadership of PTC’s strategic global alliances, including alliances with Microsoft, Rockwell Automation and Ansys, and then led PTC’s global enterprise development program that drove the acquisition of Arena Solutions, the largest acquisition in PTC’s history.

For the German industry, that’s not really significant. A German marketing department with its own budget and responsibility for the region has not existed for several years.