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PROCAD has launched its first joint development with recently acquired ACATEC. According to the company, the “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” integrates product lifecycle management (PLM) and configure, price, quote (CPQ) into a common solution. The new product configurator can be adapted to specific customer needs with a low-code environment.

The “PRO.FILE Product Configurator powered by ACATEC” is an integrative approach that combines two systems. In this standardized form, the configurator is, according to the press release, the first on the market and also the first joint product since PROCAD and ACATEC merged in March 2021. The new software is available immediately.

“Our collaboration,” says Henning Bitter, Managing Director of ACATEC, “has resulted in a total solution for an all-round smart, digital product lifecycle – from product configuration by the customer at the point of sale to production and product operation.”

“Companies that want to configure their products need both PLM and CPQ. To dovetail these two systems, we have developed the PRO.FILE Product Configurator,” explains Gerhard Knoch, CEO of PROCAD Group.

From sales to production, according to the press release, “all processes are digital and preconfigured throughout.” Accordingly, the product configurator is characterized by, among other things:

  • Uniform programming basis
  • User-friendly low-code environment for quick and easy configuration
  • CAD automation of the configuration (assemblies, individual parts, drawings and features)
  • Graphical configuration for clear visualization of the product
  • Quotation automation (data sheets, calculations, quotations)
  • Automatic creation of product structures incl. parts list
  • Class search instead of 150 percent BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Combinability of Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO)