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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Formerly PLMportal” mean?

The “PLMportal” was set up in 2011 by Ulrich Sendler as a news, background and research portal (registered with the German National Library), but also a hub for networking. The focus was on industrial software, which for many years was discussed under the umbrella term PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Now the content of this portal generally revolves around the digitalization of industry. PLM is still an important sub-topic.

What is the purpose of the news portal “Industry Digitalization”?

It is intended to be a neutral platform on which all issues relating to industrial digitalization are dealt with. The aim is to provide knowledge and information that is necessary and helpful, especially for decision-makers.

How is the portal financed?

There are some background articles financed by IT providers in the Background section, which deal exclusively with individual providers and their products. The second leg of the financing is the profiles of vendors and research institutes. They are, so to speak, the sponsors of the portal.
All news items are neutral and are not financed by anyone. Even positioning yourself as a PLM specialist or digitalization expert for the purpose of networking is free of charge.

Do I have to register on the portal?

No. All information and contacts on the Portal are freely accessible to everyone. Registration is only necessary for the newsletter.

Who provides the information for the PLM Portal?

Anyone can do so. They are checked by the portal’s editor to see if they meet the requirement of vendor-independent, neutral information. Promotional information is limited to the company and product profiles and should also not be the focus of background contributions.

Can company and product specific texts be published on the portal?

Yes, provided they contain information relevant to the digitalization of the industry.