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Eplan Platform 2023 simplifies and accelerates project planning with cloud-based item management and multinorm support for schematic macros, according to an Eplan press release. Other new features include a new 3D graphics core, an optimized cable editor and an insertion center.

According to Thomas Weichsel, Vice President Software Portfolio, the new multinorm support for schematic macros saves users of the Eplan Platform 2023 from the previously time-consuming item data management, especially for international projects. Company-specific standards such as directives, different dimensional specifications as well as different standards in the global market – for example NFPA or IEC – require different ways of representing devices in the schematic. Until now, a macro was created individually for each article. With the new item management, up to 20 different schematic macros can now be assigned per item. The software automatically assigns the appropriate macro to a device after the corresponding standard has been selected.

It will also be easier for component manufacturers because, for example, a drive can be stored and maintained in the Eplan Data Portal with different schematic macros as one data record.

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With the new item management Eplan eStock, article data can now be maintained in the Eplan Cloud. Whether from the home office, from another global company location or in data sharing with business partners.

According to Eplan, the digital twin is moving into control and switchgear engineering across the board, leading to more complexity and higher requirements for 3D structures of control cabinets. That’s why Eplan is introducing a new graphics core with the Direct3D engine (image Eplan). 3D rendering becomes faster and actions such as zooming and rotating become more convenient.

Another innovation concerns the field cabling of control cabinets that are distributed decentrally across a plant. With a new cable editor, a cable can be managed and visualized more conveniently in the Eplan platform – regardless of the number of wires. Article and type number, source and destination as well as shielding and connection are graphically displayed in a single dialog. The new cable editor thus also lays the foundation for virtual machine cabling and simple length determination of cables in Eplan Harness proD.

The extended insertion center of the Eplan Platform 2023 allows symbols, macros and items to be displayed as a table in a single dialog. Intuitively, users can search for items based on tasks – even in external or linked documents. When clicking in the table, the logic information is directly visible. The new tagging function also makes navigation easier.

The central item management eStock (picture Eplan) is available with subscription license from Eplan platform 2023 without additional costs. According to the maxim to offer valuable additional functionalities for subscription.