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The use of augmented reality (AR) has long been known in the field of mechanical engineering. Now EPLAN also offers this option for components installed in enclosures, including access to electrical engineering documentation – for tablet and smartphone. As a preview on Hanover Fair. The real enclosure is overlaid with its digital twin. In future, the app will guide the service technician through the process on site.

With the extended app, which should be available from May 2024, the service technician will have digital access to every single component directly at the control cabinet via tablet or smartphone. When replacing components, for example, he will be visually guided by AR highlighting and know exactly where the component is positioned in the enclosure – even if the door of the device is locked.

Components can be located quickly this way, particularly in large cabinets or rows of cabinets. The digital twin provides all the necessary information. This saves time searching through paper documents. Collaboration between specialist departments in EPLAN works bidirectionally – for example from service to engineering and vice versa.

A QR code generated in EPLAN links the documentation of the enclosure with the real enclosure in operation. The project is stored in the EPLAN Cloud and clearly assigned. The 3D view of the enclosure structure is superimposed on the mounting plate or the enclosure using the AR function. With the AR app, the project documentation is visualized in 2D as a circuit diagram or in 3D as a virtual image of the enclosure.

By splitting the screen as shown in the illustration (source Eplan), the circuit diagram and AR model of the enclosure can also be displayed side by side. Equipment lists, parts lists, cable overviews and other evaluations such as topologies can also be accessed via a cross-reference.