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With Cideon Enify, Cideon offers medium-sized machine and plant manufacturers a new software solution in the SaaS rental model for incidents. It allows machine builders and operators to visually communicate with each other worldwide in real time.

With the new solution, Cideon aims to ensure that faults and malfunctions in the live operation of a machine or plant can be rectified immediately, globally, digitally and without the need for service staff to travel.

Stephan Kranz, Head of Special Projects at Cideon, is quoted in the press release as saying: “The software supports globally active machine builders in circumventing the currently diverse travel restrictions in the global market. At the same time, it networks machine suppliers and operators more closely with each other on an international scale.”

According to Cideon, Enify should also help customers to increase their competitiveness. For example, through new service concepts in the after-sales business.

In the first step, the app works like a messenger service with a video function. Pictures or videos of a machine or plant can be shared via tablet, smartphone or PC. The special feature: Via live pointer based on AR technology, the user can mark and label areas of the plant. And via a drawing function, the service technician can give the operator real-time work instructions for repairing or maintaining the machine. All service cases are automatically stored and documented in the cloud.

For the software solution, which has been available since July 1, Cideon is already planning to connect CAD systems as well as ERP solutions in the near future. Then parts lists in systems such as SAP can be synchronized or shop floor systems connected.

Customers and interested parties are called upon to actively participate in the further development as pilot customers. The software solution is intended to reflect the practical requirements needed by small and medium-sized businesses. The developers are also looking at new technologies such as augmented reality and smart glasses.

Images: © Cideon