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On March 26, the AI marketplace platform of it’s OWL will be presented to the public. In a virtual event, interested parties will learn in one and a half hours backgrounds and motivations for the first AI platform with a focus on industrial product creation.

The AI marketplace of it’s OWL is ready in its first stage. It offers interested companies in industry, from start-ups to global market leaders, the opportunity to position themselves and describe their respective application focus. Just as the providers of tools and services for industrial AI can present their offerings. The platform is something like yellow pages for AI in industry, and here especially in the strategically most important area of design and engineering.

Prof. Roman Dumitrescu begins by explaining how the project came about, how the leading-edge cluster for intelligent, technical systems was able to win the funding award against not insignificant competitors, and what the next stages are that the marketplace will realize.

There will be a live demo of the AI marketplace and a classification of the project in the efforts of Germany as an industrial location to play a leading role in the development of industrial AI.

Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the Fiware Foundation, will explain the importance of data security and transparency for data use in the cloud, which his organization has been part of the AI Marketplace ecosystem to ensure from the beginning.

Dr. Alain Pfouga, General Manager of the prostep ivip association, also a partner of the project, will place the AI marketplace as an industry platform in the landscape of innovative initiatives and shed light on its importance for Germany as an industrial location.

Finally, there will be a keynote by Ulrich Sendler, author of the “AI Compass for Decision Makers”, who will present his vision for AI use in the environment of industrial product creation.